Bismillah, Alhamdulillah Allah Azza Wa Jalla memudahkan kami oleh INFECTION STUDIO dalam membuat video animasi berdurasi pendek. Infection Studio melayani kami dengan pelayanan profesional, respons cepat, dan grafik berkualitas baik. PT. Azka Mulia International sangat puas dengan layanan yang telah diberikan

Ikhsan M
CEO PT Azka Mulia International

telah dipercaya oleh


Apa Yang Mereka Katakan Tentang Kami


It was great working with Infection Studio. Overall the quality of the work and video was very professional. I will recommend to all users.

Kathrin Simangunsong
Mgr Enterprise & Wholesale Interface Management Telkom Jakarta, Indonesia.


Meeting them has been a blessing and true joy. Our collaboration on the lyric video for my song The Boulevard will be one i always remenber. I hope to use their again in the future.

Jonathon Robins
Atlanta, Georgia, US.


Working with Infection Studio is a pleasure. Had a very professional approached and communication is fantastic. Will be using these guys on a regular basis as we are always in need of high quality content and Infection Studio fulfils our requirements.

Zavid Darvesh
Co-Founder & CEO Myilm.app
United Kingdom

I had some project with "Infection Studio" as graphic design, comic and video projects for my company proposed. My experience, their team so professional, flexible to any discuss on updating contents and of course the most important is the output of the projects are out standing! Thank's guys, you are amazing and always look forward for the next project.

PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk : HCOE-HCComm
Jakarta, Indonesia

Professional work indeed, very patient and cooperative, looking forward to do more projects with them.

Rudy Chan
CMO Meko Singapore
Jakarta, Indonesia

Very professional, the work is fast, the results are very satisfying. Very good job.

Inge Roshela
Kanwil Pegadaian Bandung
Bandung, Indonesia

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