INFECTION STUDIO Melayani pembuatan Motion Graphics & Animation dengan kualitas terbaik.

Cocok untuk kebutuhan visual perusahaan dan bisnis guna meningkatkan awareness dan branding.


Comic / Illustration

Edukasi market Anda melalui cerita bergambar yang menarik


Company Profile

Profesional dan tepat untuk tampil memikat rekan bisnis Anda

04_design character

Design Character

Kreasikan ide terbaik dengan tampilan karakter yang memukau

11_video looping

Bumper / Video Looping

Berikan rasa ketertarikan calon klien untuk mengenal bisnis anda lebih jauh


Video Ads

Tingkatkan brand awareness dengan komunikasi melalui video iklan terbaik

07_animation series

Animation Series

Komunikasikan brand Anda dengan cara baru yang berbeda dan menarik

08_corporate e-learning

Corporate E-Learning Video

Tingkatkan performa tim Anda melalui edukasi dengan video animasi


3D Architectural

Sajikan tampilan yang fantastis untuk memesona calon customer Anda

10_explainer video

Explainer Video

Berikan berbagai informasi dengan cara yang berbeda dan keren

Our Services

Animated Video Marketing

Entrepreneurs put their everything into creating an ideal product. Even the best products, however, will not be successful unless they are well-marketed. The internet has made it possible to sell various products and services in simple and effective ways. Today, one of the most successful strategies to catch the attention of your target audience is to create the best animated videos for your brand. Let’s look at innovative ways that animated videos might help your company:

Animation Series

Animation series are being used by businesses large and small to reach more people than ever before. Proven to boost conversions and increase engagement, take a look at what animation can do for your business.

Company Profile Video Animation

A company profile is a professional introduction to show the attention of the viewer. Also to inform them about the company succinctly. It is designed to make a powerful impact and make a memorable first impression on potential investors or clients. Your company profile should be dynamic and comprehensive as well as clearly explaining your vision. A business needs to develop a viable strategy in order to create one of the great company profile. One of the best ways is to make it into video form.

Here are some of the benefits of having a company profile video on your business:


Visual marketing is becoming more important because it offers rich storytelling and people process and remember visuals better than words. Humans are visually-oriented creatures. Make this work to your advantage. Illustrations are typically playful graphics that can help your business appear friendly and communicate a message more organically. Illustrations can persuade, inform and influence your customers and prospects. They can enhance your brand messaging and can help your business express emotion. So, why are illustrations so important and how they can help you with your business?

Digital Comic

The key element that makes comics unique and persuasive is creativity. In today’s society you see ads anywhere you go (even when you are chilling at home browsing online sites), and it seems like everyone is trying to sell you something. The reason why comics are not a safe bet, but certainly a high-potential bet is that they bring something entirely different to the table – diversity. You have a lot more room for imagination, ingenuity, and originality when you are using a creative visual medium and do not forget the viral potential of this form of art. Here are some reasons a digital comic can benefit your business and marketing scheme:

E-Learning Video

It’s no great secret that video is growing in popularity. There are 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, with almost 5 billion videos being watched every day. In an eLearning context, video offers many advantages:


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terhadap produk atau jasa Anda. Sehingga mereka akan menilai
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